C6 Intelligence is owned by MergerMarket Group which supplies the world’s leading organisations and data distributors with up-to-the-minute risk intelligence on individuals, companies and geographical locations. With this experience, knowledge and resource already in place, it felt like a natural progression to offer our services to the consumer in an initiative to combat identity fraud. That concept gave birth to Identity Theft Prevention. The founders have a long history in monitoring and combating fraud.

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  • Darren Innes

    Darren Innes has enjoyed a long and successful career in the financial services sector, either working for, or selling into, some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Barclay’s Capital, Credit Suisse, BBVA, Citi Group and Santander. One of the highlights of his career was his time with Mantas, a leading provider of Global AML Transaction Monitoring Systems. Here he was Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales and GM EMEA, working with the management team to build the business from the ground up; after six years Mantas was sold to Oracle for $130 Million USD. It is still considered a global benchmark in transaction monitoring technology.

  • Tim Harvey

    Tim retired from the City of London Police after serving as the Operational Head of both the Metropolitan Police and City of London Fraud Squads. As Detective Superintendent, he chaired the National Fraud Investigators Working Group and sat on a number of other committees including the Proceeds of Crime Working Group, The Money Laundering Advisory Committee, The Joint Vetting Committee, and the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group to name but a few. He has worked to build ever closer relations with the Home Office, Treasury, Serious Fraud Office and many others involved in the growing fight against fraud. Being a practitioner for years as well as a senior manager of the UK’s two largest fraud squads, Tim has a wealth of experience in fraud management and investigation. He was consulted about fraud, its size scope and impact both prior to the creation of SOCA and in relation to the Fraud Act 2006. Tim is also the Director of Operations for the UK Operations of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

  • Colin Holder

    Colin retired from the Metropolitan Police as a Detective Sergeant after a 30 year career during which time he served on the Flying Squad and Fraud Squad as well as several other specialised postings. For much of the last ten years of his service with the Police, Colin was seconded to the Serious Fraud Office, where he participated in several specialised investigations involving international arms and oil shipping frauds. He is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on both Advance Fee and Identity Theft fraud. In 2001 he created and wrote the Metropolitan Police Fraud Alert website. During his service, Colin conducted multi million pound fraud and money laundering investigations in over 25 countries, and was the recipient of numerous Police commendations for his work. Post retirement he created C6 Intelligence Information Systems Ltd, the premier ‘KYC’ (‘Know Your Customer’) and money laundering compliance database, used by the many of the world’s leading financial Institutions.